Maintaining A Level Of Closeness With Your Children

Today's society keeps us on the move.  It has made us believe that multi-tasking is a good thing, never being present in the moment...always thinking about what's next on the to-do list.  Because of this mentality, the family has started to sever and become distant.

How many times have you been at the dinner table or seen people at a restaurant on their phones instead of engaging and communicating with each other? It happens so often that there are commercials about it.

There are a few ways to keep the family close and not allow this epidemic to take place in your life.  

1.  Get Back to Family Time- make a day of the week that the family gets together without any devices and catch up on what's going on in each other's lives.  

2.  Take or Update the Family Photo- If it's been years since you've taken a photo together or if you've never taken one at all, this would be a perfect opportunity to do that.

3.  Cook Dinner Together- For many cultures, the kitchen is the place that brings people together.  Involving the children in cooking safe meals or even just helping to set the table is a wonder way to have everyone involved.


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