The Who, What, and Why of PreparaKit

Meet the founders of PreparaKit, Marian & David Nguyen.  Using their personal experience as parents to two young children as well as being healthcare professionals, they started PreparaKit in 2016 with one main goal in help moms be prepared to handle everyday kid emergencies so that they can have more peace of mind in their pocket.

This nurse and firefighter wife/husband team duo knew how important the safety of kids are to parents in general and how easily kids can get themselves hurt in a blink of an eye.  As parents, they understand the day to day struggles and the idea of always being ready for anything is not always at the forefront of their minds.

After assessing the current marketplace, they found that they could fill a void by creating first aid kits specifically for moms.  They not only wanted to create kits that were fully functional but also cute and fun to carry around. Features such as being simple, easy to use, organized, and portable with supplies tailored to the day to day emergency needs of little ones were all thoughtfully incorporated.

They just didn’t stop at the standard features.  They wanted to address the importance of the individual supplies being used that weren’t in a lot of the generic kits that were being offered.  Things like being latex-free and using fabric bandages instead of plastic so that it’s more comfortable for the little kiddos. Even down to having fun stickers and cartoon character bandages to put a smile on the kids faces.

As a family oriented/owned business, there’s nothing more fulfilling than to know they have been able to contribute to the safety and well-being of countless families.  Making sure they continue to provide high quality products and excellent service to the PreparaKit family is their utmost priority.

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