~ PreparaKit Cares ~

PreparaKit is honored to partner with Winona County Developmental Achievement Center (DAC) located in Minnesota. Their mission to foster interdependence of individuals via their Community Based Work, In-Center Work and Life Skills & Social Recreational programs is something we’re proud to support.

As a result of having our kits assembled there, we are able to help support their efforts in employment opportunities for individuals in the community to work and earn pay.

We are extremely impressed at their level of attention to the details and their thorough process in making sure each kit that gets sent out meets or exceeds our quality control criteria.

Thoughts from the staff at Winona DAC:

PreparaKit has been a great addition to the DAC workload. The supplies are sent directly to our building, which makes it very convenient for us. Once in center, we split the work up into individual pockets of the kit. So when one individual is putting the items into pocket #1, another individual can be working on pocket #2, #3, or #4. What I mean by that is that this job doesn't need to be specifically done by one or two of the same individuals. The different pockets and their variation make it possible to provide work for multiple individuals.


Andy is an individual that is capable of doing any part of this process. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to be a team player. One of the toughest parts of this job is to fold the smaller boxes that the kits go into at the end and then apply the sticker on either end. Andy is our go to guy for that task because of how meticulous it is and he really seems to understand how they need to be.


Chrissy is another individual who is capable of doing any part of the PreparaKit process. She can really get moving some days but still never fails to have the right amount of product in the correct place. Chrissy is great at setting a pace for the day and keeping her co-workers motivated with her great attitude. She is always looking out for the others in the room.


Charlie is relatively inexperienced compared to the other two but he has been making great some great improvements since starting in the work room. Charlie is a great example of an individual that might not be able to do every task of this job but is able to perform some of them. To be clear, we do allow them to give each job a chance. If the individual has a hard time or just doesn't like the job, we change it up and try something else. Charlie has found his niche with pocket #4 and does a great job! The greatest part about Charlie is the smile he brings with him to work every day. Never fails to brighten up the mood in the room. 

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